HappySounds Music

HappySounds is based on the Suffolk/Essex border and is run by professional performer and voice coach Nettie Osman.

Nettie has more than 40 years’ experience in the music industry, including touring and recording, session work and musical theatre and performs and records on a regular basis. Having also worked as a training manager in the corporate world, it was a natural progression to train as a voice coach. Nettie runs three Community Choirs, and still performs on a regular basis.

Since 2008 Nettie has regularly updated her knowledge by attending the courses from top vocal practitioners including Vocal Process, and the Estill Method, and has gained many CPD points in recent years. She started the HappySounds Community Choir in October 2018, after being approached by some very lovely people with breathing difficulties, to help them with some exercises. Very soon, around 25 people were attending weekly, and when asked the question “do you want to be a proper choir as well as being a therapy group” the answer was a resounding “yes please”.

HappySounds Nettie Osman
HappySounds Nettie Osman

HappySounds Sudbury

Since the pandemic, the Choirs have undergone many changes, including having to run online for several months.

Nettie also performs as a solo artist, and sings and plays guitar in an acoustic duo, with her husband Dave.